14 Facts You Never Knew About Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret was dreamed up by a Stanford grad tired of awkwardly shopping for underwear for his wife in the late ’70s. Today, it’s the brand syonomous with sexy worldwide. Its roster of Angels commands some of the biggest salaries in the fashion industry, and its fashion show garners global attention — and millions of viewers. So, just how did a small bra shop founded in Northern California become the world’s most recognized lingerie brand? It’s all inside. Read on to study up on Victoria’s real secrets. From the company stats to the record-setting fantasty bras, it’s all here.

Victoria’s Secret was founded by Stanford MBA alumn Roy Raymond in 1977, who wanted a place he could shop for lingerie for his wife without feeling embarrassed. With $80,000 of savings and loans from family, Raymond opened the first Victoria’s Secret store in a Palo Alto, CA, mall.

By 1982, Raymond had opened three more stores in San Francisco and created the VS catalog, which brought in annual sales of more than $4 million. Raymond is credited with modernizing lingerie shopping and helping to make it mainstream.

The name Victoria’s Secret was crafted by Raymond to evoke the propriety associated with Victorian-era women, while “secrets” referenced the part of themselves and their wardrobes that they kept hidden.

In 1982 Leslie Wexner, the man who grew the Limited sportswear business, bought the VS stores and catalog for $1 million. He saw the potential to grow VS, modeling it after European lingerie companies where women viewed beautiful underthings as an essential. His plan worked — women shopped, though men were just as interested in the catalog. By 1995, he had grown VS to a $1.9 billion company with 670 stores nationally.

Though the show wasn’t televised till much later, the first VS Fashion Show as we know it was presented in 1995 at the Plaza Hotel in NYC, with Stephanie Seymour and Veronica Webb leading the catwalk.

By 1999, the show became a webcast, and by 2001, it landed on network television with major musical acts to accompany the runway. Highlights over the years include performances from the Spice Girls, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Bruno Mars, and beyond.

Even more coveted than a spot on the runway is the honor of wearing the Fantasy Bra during the show. Claudia Schiffer wore the first Fantasy Bra, the Million Dollar Miracle Bra, valued at $1 million in 1996.

Gisele Bündchen wore the most expensive Fantasy Bra in history in 2000, valued at a whopping $15 million.

In 2014, for the first time ever, Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima debuted two fantasy bras, named the Dream Angels Fantasy Bras, each valued at $2 million.

The Victoria’s Secret Angels were presented with a star on the Walk of Fame to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the brand in 2007.

After performing twice in both the 2014 and 2013 VS Fashion Shows, Taylor Swift has been crowned an “honorary Angel” by her Victoria’s Secret girl squad.

Landing a spot in the VS Fashion show can help make your career, as evidenced by past and present Angels like Gisele Bündchen, Miranda Kerr, Adriana Lima, and Alessandra Ambrosio, who’ve landed on the Forbes list of highest paid models since their respective turns on the VS catwalk.

Today, the VS Fashion show is a spectacle that costs an estimated $12 million to put on, and though no tickets are sold to the public, thanks to its spot on network TV, it is the most watched fashion event of the year.

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Enjoyable Woodworking

Woodworking is really so enjoyable! And it is also very rewarding as the projects arrived at existence & become helpful additions to your residence or garden. Bed room furniture, baby cots, outside furniture, cabinets can be easily and simply created using only a fundamental level of skill.

But where would you start? Unless of course you’ve excellent graphics abilities & experience within the trade it’s tough to develop your personal designs after which build them rapidly and simply without lots of learning from mistakes.

woodworking-plansWould not it be great to have the ability to select from 1000’s of designs that demonstrated you exactly building the perfect household project, gave you step-by-step blueprints, a materials list which means you know precisely the thing you need and created professional results each time?

When you’re assembling any project plans, ensure you possess the proper wood and the correct quantity. In case your plans are suitable for furniture, and never simple workshop shelves and benches, then you will need to choose the right wood to ensure that your craftsmanship could be proven at its greatest form.

Hardwood floors, for example red-colored or whitened oak, cherry, and difficult walnut are the most useful options for creating works of art which will stick out anywhere you sit them in the home.

You will wish to make certain you’ve ample wood when you’re picturing your woodworking project ideas. You’ll need purchasing about twenty-percent more wood than you’ll need. That method for you to afford just a little waste, and become more picky about which bits of wood finish up used inside your project.

Since hardwood floors are offered in random dimensions, you will have to understand how to calculate the quantity of wood you’ll need, that is pretty simple to do. Multiply the thickness from the board by the size of the board, by the width from the board. Divide that total by 144, and you’ll have the amount of board ft within the lumber you’re searching at.

You don’t want to stay in a rush when you’re purchasing hardwood. The greater time you are taking and also the more selective you’re, the greater the finish result will probably be. Pass the entire process of elimination, and begin using the best boards you’ll find, then start getting rid of those you discover with warp, stains, sapwood or snipe.

Make certain that you will get the straightest grain possible, too. Since you will find essentially three different cuts of lumber, you will want to choose the very best one, the quartersawn cut. The quartersawn may have growth rings which are 60 to 90 levels towards the face from the board.

Also, most of the hardwood floors, when they’re quartersawn, can have some highly figured grain, or ray specks, which have a sensational effect when they’re finished. Since lots of lumber is wasted when it’s being quartersawn, this cut of lumber will probably be probably the most costly. However, once you discover how punching the furniture piece that you simply produced looks within your house, you will be happy you allocated a bit in your woodworking project plans.

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Just Back From: Taipei

I am just on the way from Hong Kong to Taipei after i recognize Hello there Kitty’s legendary encounter glazing up from my in-airline flight meal’s salad. Yes, it is in the healthy salad, also it is passable, designed from what seems to be daikon. So it proceeds EVA Airlines’ dedicated number of a few Hello there Kitty water jets, which provide services involving Taipei and Hong Kong, Seattle, Seoul, Sapporo, Shanghai, Fukuoka, and Guam. Even though Now i’m unhappy the airline flight attendants don’t put on genuine Hello there Cat halloween costumes and behave in cartoonish character

Fodor’s Travel Tastemaker: Award-Winning Chef (And Style Hound) Marcus Samuelsson

As if he needs any introduction, we present Marcus Samuelsson as our eighth, esteemed Travel Tastemaker. Born in Ethiopia and raised in Sweden, he is a many-award-winning chef known for mouthwatering and unique dishes at his restaurants in New York City and beyond, as well as great personal style. He also launched the really awesome, geared-for-men food blog Food Republic in 2011, when he recognized that men were getting the short end of the stick when it came to food and cooking content.

What’s more, Marcus travels the world hunting for hidden holes in the wall and great new foods and ingredients to try out. Case in point, on a recent trip to LA he discovered Koreatown’s many flavors and he’s hankering for a ceviche-focused trip to Peru next. To be frank, he seems quite insatiable. And that’s just the kind of food-obsessed travel we crave.

New to our Tastemakers series? Well, well, there is more where this came from. Check out the whole lot here!

We?love Food Republic, can you tell us how it came about?

I saw a void in the cooking space for men. Men had traditionally been regulated outside to work the grill, but as more and more men were getting into the kitchen to learn how to sous vide or make a gastrique, they needed a place to complement their expanding skills.?

What is the best meal you ever had while traveling?

How much space do I have to write? It’s a cliche, but I will never ever forget eating with Ferran Adria at El Bulli.

What has been your favorite discovery while traveling? Any great hole-in-the-wall or local spots?

I don’t think I can just name one because I only look for hole-in-the-wall or local spots when I travel. The most recent ones that come to mind are this small vintage shop in Aspen where I bought this awesome leather postal bag, and the seedy but awesome bar in LA next to Grand Central Market in downtown LA.

Where have you traveled recently that inspired you to cook something new or use a new ingredient?

When I was in LA, I got to check out the Korean markets. I couldn’t get the idea of rice cakes out of my head and so I bought a bunch to try out different recipes in my kitchen.?

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever eaten on the road?

I saved my money for months just to travel to Tokyo to eat the fugu, the deadly blowfish that can actually kill you if not prepared properly.

Where would you send someone on their first trip to Sweden? Any tips?

First of all, I would send someone there in the late spring to early June. Fly into Stockholm for two days, and check out the modern museum, check out old town, and go shopping at the vintage shops in Soder, then go buy Swedish food at the open markets. Then I would advise them to train down to Gothenburg because you get a chance to see the whole countryside. I’d go to the west coast of Gburg where you can taste the best shrimp and cod, it’s a more rustic town. After that I’d tell them to fly or train to Malmo where there’s a large group of international Swedes then head to Copenhagen.

How often do you travel to Ethiopia? What’s the first thing you do when you arrive?

I try to go there at least once a year and if it’s early enough, the first thing I’ll do is go for a run.

Do you have a favorite destination? Or many?

Whenever I can, I go to my family’s house in Smoegen. That’s where I can truly relax and have some time to myself with my closest. Other than that, I love to head to Jamaica, Japan, or just stay in NYC for a weekend. That’s my favorite of them all.?

What’s one thing you never travel without?

Notepads and running shoes.

What destination is on top of your ‘must-travel’ list now?

Peru, to find the best ceviche I can find.

Where are your favorite places to eat in NYC?

I love any spot in Chinatown, East Harlem for tacos, and of course anything my wife, Maya, makes.

Where you should Try to eat in Chicago Now

Usually overshadowed by government The Big Apple, Philadelphia just has enter into the culinary limelight in the past several years, but local people such as the critic for the Philly City Document (me) know the gifts concealed within our Penn-installed power grid keep speed with the country’s very best, a credit rating to affordable housing costs, rich farmland lower than one hour absent, experienced and stressful people, and a restricted-knit cocinero group that helps produce small ability. Eating places available in a quick clip in Philadelphia eventually count number 17 are on outdoor patio for Present cards. The hot spots further down change in grow older, nevertheless they signify the location where the area is meals right this very minute. Make concerns.


From the going on East Passyunk region, chief cook Christopher Kearse

Expert Tips for Your Next Vacation Rental

Vacation rentals are hot right now, thanks largely to accompanying perks that meet traveler’s demands: affordability, convenience, and amenities like kitchens, more space (for both small and large groups), and accessibility. The value of a vacation rental versus a hotel room is significant: rather than paying for two hotel rooms at a steep rate, a family of four can stay in a multi-bedroom rental that not only reduces the cost per guest but gives the family greater control over spending and amenities. They can cook their own breakfast, do their own laundry, and, depending on location and season, have their own swimming pool.

“The best part,” says Bob Milne, President of Wyndham Vacation Rentals, North America, “is that travelers still have many of the hotel-like services with the convenience of a rental. Since our rentals are professionally managed, we have 24/7 customer service, and many properties have on-site offices and concierge programs.”

While vacation rentals have been dominant in Europe, their popularity is beginning to rise in the US. To maximize your winter (and spring and summer) getaways, we compiled some expert tips on getting the best vacation rental.

How to Book a Vacation Rental

Just like booking engines for hotels, plenty of web sites offer the convenience of booking their vacation rental online. Sites include VRBO.com managed by HomeAway.com and FlipKey.com owned by TripAdvisor.com, though Wyndham Vacation Rentals has the motherload, offering more than 95,000 vacation properties in over 500 destinations. Wyndham is unique as the company works closely with property owners so you don’t have to. AirBnB.com offers diverse accommodations and allows renters and visitors to work directly with each other on rentals (though they do charge a fee per booking).

When you finally arrive at your rental, make sure you know beforehand how to receive keys. Most rentals will handle keys in a pre-arranged location, whether a drop box, management office, or in-person.

What to Look For

Every site allows visitors to filter through searches. It’s best to decide your destination and date, then let the web sites do the grunt work for you. All the sites offer a breakdown of vacation rental options with detailed amenities, traveler reviews, and, often, the option to compare with another rental.

After you’ve chosen your destination and date, then you can have fun narrowing down your wants while keeping in mind your needs. If you have a small child in a stroller, you’ll want to make sure that condo has an elevator, or if you’ll need to check in on work at least once on your trip you’ll want to make sure that cute beach bungalow has WiFi. Likewise, take a look at nearby services

World’s Most Expensive Cities for Expats

As does happen every election season, this year nervous members of the electorate swore up and down that if their candidate didn’t win, they were absolutely leaving the country (for real this time). JetBlue even ran a giveaway offering flights to disgruntled voters. Well, if relocation is still on your mind, take a look at this list before boxing up your Golden Girls collectible dinnerware.

Eurocost International has released their top 30 most expensive cities for expats. Tokyo, Luanda, and Moscow take the top three spots, respectively, while Europe has its first hit with London in the fifth spot. You won’t find a euro zone city at any spot in the top 30, as the depreciation of the currency against the rest of the world booted cities like Paris and Amsterdam off the list.

The survey was conducted in June of this year and, according to Eurocost, takes into account costs of living, including rent but not health or school, for expatriates around the world. Some of the results, says the company, are due to “inflation differential” between countries, but the biggest factor is changes in exchange rates (hence the euro zone dip and the bumping of London from 11th place to 5th place this year).

Other members of the top ten include Singapore (#4), Hong Kong (#6), Sydney (#7), Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea (#8), Geneva (#9), and Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo (#10).

Check out the full list of the 30 priciest cities.

4 Great Springtime Road Trips

Early spring is the ideal time of year for a long drive. Who probably would not need to accept the great outdoors as vibrant colored blossoms commence to flowers and temperature ranges learn to rise? From your foothills to the leave, we now have picked several destinations that are sure to of curiosity a springtime awareness.

Asheville, North Carolina

Hidden between your Azure Shape and Great smoky Mountain tops is situated the fabulously special capital of scotland- Asheville, Vermont. The right mixture of mountain town and the southern part of appeal, Asheville is where you can greater than 30 galleries and museums, a flourishing cooking picture, and mommy-and-take retailers and retailers. The contemporary part of downtown Asheville is in the middle of the advantage of the awe-uplifting Appalachian Mountain tops, which makes it the ideal place to go for backyard fanatics and tradition seekers alike.

Places to stay: One of the most luxurious area in Asheville is undoubtedly the Motel on Biltmore Property, set on the 8,000-acre Biltmore Estate. If you’d rather not stay at the greatest tourist interest in Asheville, try The Grove Park Hotel, a a number of-diamond property ignoring Asheville’s sky line and also the Orange Rdg Mountain tops. Corresponding the Biltmore’s level of luxurious, the Grove Car park Motel comes with a $50 zillion spa, merit-winning dinner, playing golf, football, going swimming, whitewater rafting, and also scoot collection tours.

Palm Springs, Los angeles

In Hands Spgs, wherever summer season temperatures can sky rocket properly in the multiple numbers, the springtime period is an outstanding time and energy to check out. Springtime conditions remainder easily from the core to large eighties, drawing plenty of L . A . people choosing the respite of a wasteland haven flanked by the snowfall-assigned San Jacinto Foothills. Entire world-school golf, playing golf, trekking, leave neat dining places, and deluxe lodge doctor offices are just some of reasons why the Hollywood professional have clustered to Hands Spgs since the 1920s.

Accommodations: No lodge catches the previous Hollywood charisma of Hand Springs better than The Rivera Hand Comes Vacation resort & Club. A popular hangout of superstars like Chad Sinatra, Chad Wish, and Desi Arnaz, the famous Riviera finished a Bucks70 trillion restoration and recovery in late 2008, cementing its star standing for generations to come. Take a look at our other choices to the desert’s greatest boutique motels for more.

Hill Country, Texas

Texas Incline Land is the life blood with the point out. Commencing just n . of Austin texas, the region proceeds southern to Dallas, extends west approximately 200 a long way featuring a landscape of rich moving slopes, waters, and spring-fed estuaries and rivers. Not only does an outing via Hill Country at springtime complete landscapes of putting out flowers bluebonnets, but the area’s 30 plus vineyards. From The spring 5-14, Arizona Incline Region Wineries will have fun playing the Wine beverage & Wildflower Piste ten days of home-carefully guided tracks including 1-3 complimentary tastings at each vineyard, a 15% lower price on a few container buys, and one wildflower seeds bundle for every priced so guests usually takes house the best thing about Texas at spring.

Where to Stay:If you go to Arizona and do not stay at a hacienda, would you truly check out Arizona? We didn’t think so. In contrast to the regular guy ranches of Texas, you may not uncover any hayrides or family-fashion BBQ at Riven Good ole’ Hacienda, but you’ll find a beautiful 200-plus acre doing work farmville farm which has a 45-brain been aware of cattle, deluxe lodgings, and gourmet dinner. Perfectly located at the area of Ease and comfort, Riven Rock Hacienda lifestyles approximately the town’s namesake with many different lodging options which includes suites and bungalows with large windows, Persian carpets, superb candelabre and gourmet kitchen areas.

Pond Geneva, Wi

Chicagoans and Milwaukeeans start the lower than two hour or so push to charming Pond Geneva, Iowa when they should escape. Body of water Geneva will get snow well into March, moving people coming from a wind flow-whipped, delayed winter snow storm to cuddling with a hot quilt on a sleigh ride by way of softly plummeting flakes. When 04 arrives and also the frost touches, the region is known for it is various walking and cycling hiking trails, horse riding, outstanding playing golf, and fresh water sportfishing.

Places to stay: Pond Geneva is known as the summertime property community for the rich well, think of the well-known estates Natural Gables, Wadsworth Area, and Villa Hotensia. Have pleasure in the magnificence at Great Geneva Location & Spa, Body of water Geneva’s only Ddd Four-Stone vacation resort. Awesome Geneva is where you can 355 typically elegant invitee suites, a WELL Health spa + Salon, inside playing golf process of law and swimming pools, 36 divots of title golfing, plus an even an indoorPeroutside Moose Pile Is catagorized waterpark for the kids.